SmartThings V2 Hub - Controlling Night Mode with Android Wear, Tasker, and SharpTools

Now that I'm not fighting to keep my Wink Hub online and switched to SmartThings, I've been able to play with some other home automation projects. With a combination of Tasker and SharpTools, I was very easily able to rig things up so that placing my watch on my bedside table charger activates the night mode and alarm on my house.

First we'll need a few pieces apps installed and configured on your phone/watch. Obviously Tasker is necessary to tie this all together. I'm using the Tasker Plugin for Android Wear installed on my watch/phone to trigger tasks based on my watch connection / charging status. I'm also running SharpTools with the Tasker plugin purchased. If you've never used SharpTools before you will need to authorize it to access your SmartThings account so it can install its SmartApp. With these parts set up, we are ready to create a profile to talk to SmartThings.

The first trigger for the task will be a state detection that will trigger whenever your watch is charging.

State > Plugin > Tasker Wear Plugin > Configuration: Android Wear Charging

Adding just this one state will trigger our task whenever your watch is charging. As I thought about the times I charge my watch, it sometimes is being charged when I'm away from home. In that case, I don't want my watch to cause changes to my SmartThings configuration. My solution was to only trigger this profile if my phone is also connected to my home network.

State > Net > Wifi Connected > SSID: The SSID of your home wireless network

Now that our triggers are set, we just need to create a task to send a message to SmartThings by using SharpTools. Create a new task with the following action:

Plugin > SharpTools > A Phrase > Configuration: Your "Good Night" Phrase

That's really all there is to it! Your end result should be something like this for the complete task:

Within SmartThings you'll want to make sure your phrase is set to trigger your desired actions. For instance, mine is set to turn off all the lights in the house and set the alarm to Armed (Stay).

I've been using this for a couple months now, and it seems to have worked reliably. I just have to make sure that I don't drop my watch on the nightstand until I actually am ready to go to sleep.


  1. Very cool use case Joe! I love the idea of placing your watch on a charger securing your home! It's amazing what can be accomplished with Tasker when you set your mind to it.


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