Run SlingPlayer on Android TV (Nexus Player)

I picked up a Nexus Player last week to start testing out Android TV. One of the first things I thought I'd try is accessing my SlingBox through SlingPlayer. It's possible, but unfortunately nowhere near as slick as the SlingPlayer implementation for Fire TV. It will require sideloading the APK and utilizing a mouse, but it does work.


  • Own SlingPlayer from the Play Store. Personally I've been using the linked "phone" version because it works just fine on my tablet and I'm not paying an extra $15 for a tablet optimized version.
  • A mouse that will work with Android TV. I used an old USB mouse with an OTG adapter, but a Bluetooth mouse should work just as well.
  • A way to get files onto your Android TV. I typically do this with my OTG adapter and a USB drive, but you can also sideload Google Drive and use it to sideload your APK.
  • An Android TV device. I did this with a Nexus Player, but it should work for the other devices as well.
  • Another Android phone/tablet where you can install SlingPlayer successfully.


  • Install SlingPlayer on your Android phone/tablet.
  • Install APK Extractor on your Android phone/tablet.
  • Use APK Extractor to extract the APK file for SlingPlayer.
  • Transfer this APK to your Android TV either through USB/OTG or Google Drive as linked above.
  • Install ES File Explorer on your Android TV.
  • Install Sideload Launcher on your Android TV.
  • Using ES File Explorer, select the APK for SlingPlayer and install it. You may need to authorize the installation of apps from outside sources.
  • Open Sideload Launcher and use it to launch SlingPlayer.
  • Connect your mouse, and use it to proceed through the onscreen login process.
  • You are now running SlingPlayer on your Android TV!
On subsequent launches of the SlingPlayer you can actually click the "Connect" button by tapping "Down" and then "Select" on the remote. Unfortunately this UI is designed for a phone rather than a remote, so it won't show where you've selected until you click. You can actually creatively navigate the entire SlingPlayer interface from here with the remote control, you just have to think about where the cursor is going to click. 

Maybe Sling will get their act together soon and re-launch the Fire TV version on the Play Store for Android TV, but I'm not holding my breath. (For the record, I tried to sideload the Amazon Store and SlingPlayer for Fire TV but it just gives me a blank screen).


  1. Thanks for sharing this, I have been searching this. I have tried many slingbox alternatives but I had to come back to this product only.

  2. How is the resolution on tvs? I'm wondering if it's clear?

    1. It is going to be most dependent on the upstream bandwidth at the remote location of the SlingBox. I've typically had no issues with picture clarity, other than occasional hiccups of pixelation that can happen from time to time. I watched several football games this season in close to HD quality. YMMV depending on your setup, but streams have been very smooth for me with a 25Mbps upstream available on the SlingBox end.

  3. Use the TV Sidekick App to bring up the cursor and keyboard for easier navigation.


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