Eliminating Chromebook Smart Lock notification

I've been using the new Smart Lock feature of my Chromebook for a few months now, and it's been a very convenient ChromeOS feature. When used, Android throws up a notification that Smart Lock has been used to unlock a device, and this notification bounces to my Android Wear watch as well. I like being notified, but was frustrated by the need to clear it EVERY time I unlock my Chromebook. Here's how I got rid of it, while still maintaining the momentary notifying buzz on my wrist.

What you'll need:
Tasker AutoNotification
Tasker AutoNotification Unlock Key
(I'm honestly not sure if the unlock portion of AutoNotification is necessary to do this, but you should support the awesome dev who makes these Tasker plugins!)
  1. Setup the above apps, and configure Smart Lock on your Chromebook. You'll also need to open AutoNotification once and give it access to your notifications.
  2. Login to your Chromebook with Smart Lock. This should generate a notification.
  3. Create a new profile with a trigger from Event > Plugin > AutoNotification > Intercept
  4. Under configuration for the intercept, choose "Fill From Current" and pick the Smart Lock notification.
  5. Check the boxes for Notification App, Notification Title, and Notification Text, then complete the trigger.
  6. Create a resulting task. I called mine "Clear Notification" and gave it the following steps:
    1. Wait 5 seconds
    2. AutoNotification Cancel
      1. OtherId: %anid
      2. Package: %anpackage
      3. Tag: %antag
  7. That's it! With this profile enabled, you should see it automatically clear future SmartLock notifications.
Alternatively, if you have the plugins and Tasker running already, and trust my profile, you can import the pre-made profile directly into Tasker. It is available here: Google Drive