Troubleshooting - Wink Hub update failure with red light

I'm now a month into use of my Wink Hub and for the most part it's been a success. However, I struggled to apply a recent firmware update from 0.33 to 0.55. Attempting to install the update would bring up a screen explaining that I might need to wait 15 minutes for it to install. The update caused the hub to reboot, flash red for about 10 minutes, and then change to a solid red LED. This persisted until I manually unplugged the hub, at which point it would reset on 0.33. I repeated about 5 times, leaving it as long as an hour to attempt to apply the update, but kept getting stuck on a solid red light.

What eventually fixed it was physically moving the hub to another room further away from the router with an additional wall between the hub and my router. The update applied in just a few minutes on the first try in the new location. Even though moving a product away from the router is counter-intuitive to everything I've ever learned about signal strength, it seems that the hub really does get overloaded by being too close to the router. After the update, I was able to return the hub to its usual home and it's working just fine. As with my setup experience, the Wink certainly has some quirks (maybe that's why the parent company is called Quirky???).

According to the install documentation the red light codes aren't even mentioned. From the documentation:
The light on the front of the Wink HUB is used to show the current status of the HUB. The HUB has 3 normal states:
• flashing pink — disconnected from the Wi-Fi network and waiting for credentials (configuration mode)
• flashing yellow — attempting to connect to your Wi-Fi network and Wink
• solid blue — connected to Wink
The HUB may also show these states:
• flashing blue — pairing or removing a HUB device
• long red flash after flashing blue — device failed to pair or be removed
• long green flash after flashing blue — device successfully paired or removed
• brief green flash — connected device changed state (for example, light turned on)
I'd have to now add two additional codes:
--Flashing red-- attempting to download firmware update
--Solid red-- firmware update download failed. Manual reset required.


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