Domain transfer from Namecheap to Google Domains

I've been using Namecheap for the past 5 years for domain registration because they were cheap and offered free DDNS service. With the launch of Google Domains today tot he public I decided it was worth a shot to move my domain name over to them. It took a few loops through to get all of my ducks in a row because of all the changes I needed to make on Namecheap's side, but I believe I now successfully have my domain transfer queued. For anyone else planning a similar move, this sequence should get your domain successfully into transferring status:

  1. Choose the domain name you want to transfer and disable Whoisguard. Transferring to Google domains requires this to be disabled. Namecheap bundles this service in with most registrations as a free bonus so if you've been using Namecheap you probably have this enabled
  2. After disabling Whoisguard, you'll need to put in actual contact temporarily while the transfer is executing. Fill in the contact information and save changes at the bottom of the screen.
  3. After changing the contact information you should receive an email notification from Namecheap requiring you to confirm the changes that were made. Click the link in the email to confirm changes. If you don't get an email you may need to request it to re-send.
  4. Go to "Registrar lock" on the left hand side of Namecheap, select "Release the registrar lock so that the domain can be transferred to some other registrar" and then save the changes.
  5. On the same page, follow the link to "Get EPP code" and make the request for the EPP code. This code will be needed by Google Domains to prove you control the domain and you should receive it in your email. (This should be done after the registrar unlock and change of contact information. When I tried this step first I got told I had an invalid code by Google Domains)
  6. Proceed to Google Domains, select the option to transfer in a domain, and search for your domain. I found this took a couple tries until it properly grabbed my domain. I suspect this may be due to launch day difficulties. After 2 retries it grabbed the information for my domain properly.
  7. Continue to follow the directions on Google Domains and input the EPP code where requested.
  8. Allow Google Domains to transfer configuration settings (if desired). My domain operates on an old GAFYD account and Google Domains recognized this and said it will move this and the MX records over.
  9. Select "Transfer" and input contact information, then pay the transfer fee. Make sure to click the checkbox to keep your information private (the Google Domains equivalent to Whoisguard).
  10. You should almost immediately receive an email from Google asking you to confirm that you indeed want to proceed with transfer. Approve it, and then check status on the Google Domains page.
  11. At this point you should see that the domain transfer is on "step 2 of 3." You'll receive an email from Namecheap warning you that the domain will be transferred unless you stop it using the link in the email. From here it is a waiting game for Namecheap to release the domain. Google says it can take up to 5 days for the transfer. In my case, the Namecheap email says they will wait exactly 5 days from the time the transfer was requested. Time to wait!
I will post back when I (hopefully) complete the transfer and have an opportunity to tinker with Google Domains. Here's hoping it works as advertised.

UPDATE 1/29: I didn't post when it happened, but the transfer completed successfully exactly 5 days after submitting the request. I'm now up and running on Google Domains. No further interaction was required.


  1. Well ! After transferring my domain using the above steps , i have checked whether my domain owner information gets updated or not by using

    1. Thanks for commenting! You likely will need to wait the full 5 days for the transfer to complete. The owner information probably won't be updated until then.


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